Hunter's Birth Story

Let me just preface this well now novel, with the fact that this has been drafted since September 18, over 4 months later and it's still pretty raw so I probably won't proofread.

Here we go again with my drama and trauma....

No but really, we are so very extremely abundantly beyond blessed by the birth of our first (and probably only... little foreshadowing here) son Hunter David on Labor Day, September 4th, 2023 (yep my kid making me labor on Labor Day, we love an entrance and a holiday).

It's no secret it was a struggle for me to get pregnant (7ish years of infertility and a miscarriage) and pregnancy was a struggle for me mentally, physically and emotionally (see previous blogs) and labor and delivery as well as the first two weeks of having a new born were also a struggle.

I know I can be a little dramatic... (if you know me personally you know I always have a story) so I had decided to save everyone the drama and not share my birth story... but I know others birth story helped...

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The Ultimate Natural, Non-Toxic and as Organic as Possible List of Baby Stuff

Ok so this was not on my list of things to do buttttt babies and their tiny bodies are most susceptible to toxins and of the other Non-toxic, organic, natural baby registries I could find they were all out dated, like from 2020 or before where most of the products I couldn't even find and I wandered what was new/better or they were priced so high (yes you get what you pay for) but I couldn't register for them and send the list out to friends and family who couldn't afford to spend hundreds...

So here we are 30+ hours later...

Also let me just preface with I'm a first time Mama to be so this is based on research from ingredients, certifications etc but also asking other Mama's their experience with products and what they actually used and loved!

Also these are clickable links to add to your cart or baby registry! (no I'm not just asking for baby gifts, this isn't my actual registry haha)

So why Natural, Non-Toxic, Organic, anyways?

Specifically, the ingredients in most conventional...

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ā€œHanging in thereā€


Pregnancy hormones…

I’ve received to many messages after recent posts I feel like it’s only fair to take this blog on a bit of a personal journey… again…


Once again this is not meant to sound like I’m complaining-just to let all the other women out there know they aren’t alone… because knowing that has helped me so much.


It’s funny how you want something soooo bad for soooo long and you finally get it and it hurts, hard, and it hurts hard because it hurts…


Most days I swear I feel like I have two heads. I look at my life and it’s even better than I could have ever thought or even imagined and I’m like wow God you are sooooo good (I’m not going to tell you allll the million things I’m grateful for because you would probably tell me to shut up-I would tell me to shut up haha). But then that other head gets in the way saying then why can’t you get it...

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SNP Genetic Testing


Still struggling with this whole pregnancy thing... but let's cram those worms back in the can and talk about some cool stuff!

As y’all know I love labs so I’m pleased to offer the the SNP Therapeutics Genate Test to my practice for Mamas to be to learn how to optimize their health for themselves and baby!

Genetic testing is used to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that create roadblocks in metabolic pathways to provide individualized nutrition to pregnant mothers for optimal fetal development.

 Certain single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are common and can interfere with metabolism in a variety of nutrient metabolic pathways, leading to deficiencies that can impair fetal growth and development.

 The metabolic pathways involving choline, betaine (a metabolite of choline), methyl folate, B12, and the essential fatty acid DHA play critical roles in pre-and postnatal cognitive development.1

 Prenatal genetic testing for SNPs...

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Uncategorized Feb 28, 2023

I feel like I should leave a trigger warning and probably and apology on this one.


But I’ve always been a pretty open book, I can’t hide my RBF and I’m horrible at lying, so I felt like I owe everyone an explanation especially if you’ve talked to me in person recently…


Please don’t get me wrong I’m not coming from a place of being ungrateful or complaining (well maybe a little but it’s not my intent). I know thousands of women would love to be pregnant right now-and I know how horrible that feels because I was one of them.


Growing up I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, I wanted to have kids really young, 2 in fact, 4 years apart. But if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans. So here we are married 7.5 years “trying” for a baby off and on for the majority of those 7.5 years… questions, miscarriage, and the dreaded “infertility” label I could never full accept. So for...

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How to set goals and actually keep them

Want to eat healthier, drink more water, add in fitness, lose weight or gain muscle?

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals
- Specific
- Measurable
- Attainable
- Relevant
- Time-bound

Instead of just an open ended goal of working out more, make it specific, workout 3 days a week doing weight training for 35 minutes at the gym, which also makes it measurable. Make sure this is attainable, maybe you have kids or work 12 hour night shifts, adjust to make it work, maybe it’s at home workouts before school/work. Make sure it’s relevant to you, why do you want to workout 3x a week? For overall health? Maybe to look and feel you best for a trip? Find your why! Last make it timely. I want to be doing 3 workout a week every week by Easter, or maybe I want to lose 20 pounds by July 4th!

Whatever your goal is, breaking it up into smaller goals. This not only makes it more manageable but also gives you the opportunity to celebrate your wins along the way. Instead of aiming for 20 pounds by July 4th, why...

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Good Gut Biome

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2022

I recently had a friend asking about Microbiome and thought I’d go ahead and try to help clear up some confusion!
Our gut is our second brain and is hugely triggered by stress (physical, emotional, environmental etc.) when our bodies are stressed by toxins such as antibiotics, chlorine in our tap water, chemicals in our air etc. our “good bacteria” in our gut is killed off. This good bacteria is what is helping to digest your food so if your microbiome is off you could have symptoms of gas, bloating, constipation, loose stool, and I.B.S.
Due to poor absorption your body doesn’t get vitamins and minerals it needs to regulate its systems which can eventually lead to acne, eczema, brain fog and even anxiety and depression!
As long as you don’t have a candida/yeast overgrowth a good full strain probiotic will help regulate your gut’s flora (microbiome)! If you wonder if you have bacteria or yeast overgrowth I would highly recommend running an organic...

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Fun Facts About Fasting

I’m sure you’ve heard of intermittent fasting at this point and I’m sure if you’ve heard of it you’ve heard of all of the contradictions surrounding it!

So let’s get to the facts:

Intermittent fasting is great because it lets your body have a break in order to break down all the food and toxins your body accumulates from food, air pollution, tap water, alcohol, antibiotics etc. However it comes with a point of diminishing returns. More is not always better. If you fast too much/too long it will slow down your metabolism and put your body in a “stressed” state.

The duration best for everyone varies due to sex, body type. weight, age height etc.

What I recommend is a 12-14 hour nightly fast usually 7pm to 7, 8 or 9am. (The more hours before midnight the better!) The general rule is once you start to deal with stress, getting the kids ready for school, traffic, work stress starting, etc it’s time to eat.

The problem with a longer...

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How To Know If You're Using Quality Supplements

Recently I was asked, ok I've been asked a lot over the past decade, how to know if you're using quality supplements! So here's a little snippet of what I'm teaching on this week in my Restored and Revitalized Course, to help you find the best for you and your family as well as where to find them!

Quality Supplements:

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified (FDA standard, part of USP:United States Pharmacopoeia)
  • 3rd party tested
  • Formula based on studied dosage
  • Freshness
  • Gluten, dairy, soy etc. free
  • Where it comes from (China etc.)
  • Not paying huge money for marketing (money instead goes to research)
  • Taste (fish oils that taste fishy are rancid and most likely doing more harm than good)
  • Read reviews 
  • Don’t get your supplements where you get your paper towels and toilet paper!


Reputable Quality Supplement Brands:


Apex Energetics


Pure Encapsulations

Integrative Therapeutics

Ortho Molecular Products

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travels

Let's be honest, traveling during the holidays is hard and even harder to make healthy. Here are the top 10 ways I stay healthy while traveling!
1. Be prepared: stitch in time saves nine
-plan ahead! 
2. Stay hydrated
-refillable water bottle is a must
-even better if you get one with a water filter!
-if most hotel gyms have bottled water coolers
3. Get in your protein
-protein shakes packs are the perfect meal
-light, easy to pack with and perfect for the plane
-much cheaper and healthier than most airport or gas station options
-I use a vegan option with my multivitamin already in it:
4. Snack smart
-protein bars are perfect for long car rides
-quick, easy and filling!
5. Don’t skip your workouts
-bands are the easiest piece of workout equipment to pack
-light weight...
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