SNP Genetic Testing


Still struggling with this whole pregnancy thing... but let's cram those worms back in the can and talk about some cool stuff!

As y’all know I love labs so I’m pleased to offer the the SNP Therapeutics Genate Test to my practice for Mamas to be to learn how to optimize their health for themselves and baby!

Genetic testing is used to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that create roadblocks in metabolic pathways to provide individualized nutrition to pregnant mothers for optimal fetal development.

 Certain single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are common and can interfere with metabolism in a variety of nutrient metabolic pathways, leading to deficiencies that can impair fetal growth and development.

 The metabolic pathways involving choline, betaine (a metabolite of choline), methyl folate, B12, and the essential fatty acid DHA play critical roles in pre-and postnatal cognitive development.1

 Prenatal genetic testing for SNPs...

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Fun Facts About Fasting

I’m sure you’ve heard of intermittent fasting at this point and I’m sure if you’ve heard of it you’ve heard of all of the contradictions surrounding it!

So let’s get to the facts:

Intermittent fasting is great because it lets your body have a break in order to break down all the food and toxins your body accumulates from food, air pollution, tap water, alcohol, antibiotics etc. However it comes with a point of diminishing returns. More is not always better. If you fast too much/too long it will slow down your metabolism and put your body in a “stressed” state.

The duration best for everyone varies due to sex, body type. weight, age height etc.

What I recommend is a 12-14 hour nightly fast usually 7pm to 7, 8 or 9am. (The more hours before midnight the better!) The general rule is once you start to deal with stress, getting the kids ready for school, traffic, work stress starting, etc it’s time to eat.

The problem with a longer...

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Keto Conclusions

Ok, lets see if we can get through this as this blog has deleted more than once.... bah.... but as promised here are my “Keto conclusions” after thirty days on the ketogenic diet (high fat, very low carb, moderate protein) and around thirty days back on the carbs (lowered fat, higher protein compared to keto). Am I a fan? Well yes and no. For me no, not at all, however I have seen wonderful success from a ketogenic diet and if I or another loved one was diagnosed with cancer or epilepsy I sure as heck would give it a shot again.
I decided to give keto to fight off inflammation, increase energy and improve my mental clarity. No such luck for any of the above. Weight loss was not my main goal but I was looking forward to loosing the 2-3 pounds I put on over the holidays, no such luck there either. In fact I feel like I put on 2-3lbs (nothing major, not complaining, but still interesting). My first conclusion is the reason I didn’t seem to feel any better could be...

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