How to Make Your Nutrition Better When You're Beyond Busy

Ok so you're busy, I get it, I feel ya, too much to do, not enough time, work, family, kids, the fur babies, social life shoot all the things. So what do you do when you can't do it all but need to do more?


1. Always be prepared

Have a stash of grab and go snacks like single serving nut packs, fruit, cut up veggies and/or organic protein bars, where you usually get stuck a.k.a. your car, your desk, or your purse!


2. Drink a cup of water for every hour you work

Set hourly reminders on your phone and carry a reusable water bottle and drink one cup (oz) of water every hour you’re working — whether that’s chasing after clients or your children.


3. Aim for veggie centric options when dining or taking out 

Prioritizing vegetables helps reduce your intake of excess calories, fat, carbs, sodium, and potentially sugar, as well as cancer-potentiating compounds from processed foods, packaging, and unhealthy cooking methods (like frying).


4. Make extras

Instead of a week long meal prep every week, just make extra of the meal you are able to cook at home (usually dinner for me) and take it for leftover lunch the next day


5. Stock your freezer with produce

There’s no need to wash and chop them up, making steaming or sautéing them fast and easy as well as easy to add to smoothies


6. Start your day with a smoothie 

1/3 of our energy everyday day goes to digestion so “breaking your fast “with a smoothie for breakfast you warm up your digestion to have more energy throughout the day, get a nutrient antioxidant boost, and if even that’s a struggle on the way out the door just grab an organic vegan protein powder and shake it up in a shaker cup on the way out the door!


7. Sleep 7-9 hours to kick cravings

Inadequate sleep leads to junk food cravings, impaired willpower, and lower appetite-regulating hormones, meaning you’re more likely to google  down on snacks high in added sugars, preservatives and saturated fat.


8. Supplement when you need a boost

An organic vegan protein with a functional medicine multivitamin is a great way to start your day but if you struggle to get in 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies a day I use an organic fruit and vegetable blend powder, and an extra boost of vitamin c and d3 

So where do I choose my supplements from? 




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