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I recently found myself on an egg rabbit hole, googling at the grocery trying to figure out which type of eggs were really the best eggs and I figured I wasn't the only one so here is some egg-straordinary info I found all about eggs!
“Conventional" eggs are from hens confined to small cages, about the size of a piece of paper, often with multiple hens per cage. These hens never see the light of day, aren't able to spread their wings, and are fed a corn or soy based feed. Over 90% of US eggs are conventional.
"Cage-Free" eggs come from hens that are still crammed and "caged" in metal enclosed buildings, averaging only 1.2 sq ft per hen, ineffectively unable to spread their wings, without any outdoor access and where beak trimming is also routine. They are also fed a corn or soy based feed.
"Free Range" eggs come from hens that have approximately 2 sq ft each, and most of them seldom, if ever see the outdoors, and they are still fed a soy or corn based feed.
"Pasture Raised" eggs come from hens raised closest to their natural habitat, with at least 100 sq ft. per hen, and consume feed as well as what they would natural consume (grass, insects, worms). Their yolks are deep yellow to orange and compared to conventional eggs they contain:
3-6 times more vitamin D
70% more vitamin B 12
50-200% more folate
40-60% more vitamin A
30-34% less cholesterol
10-25% less saturated fat
2-7 times more omega-3 fatty acids
2-3 times more vitamin E
7 times more beta carotene
The best bet when it comes to getting your eggs is finding a local farmer or getting organic and/or pasture raised eggs at your local grocery store!
And for one more fun fact on eggs, egg whites are one of the top three food sensitives we see on an IgG food sensitives test making it all that more important to select the best quality of eggs when you do eat eggs! Good news though, most people that show a sensitivity to egg whites are able to have them once or twice a week after rebalancing their gut!
Hopefully this helps clear up the confusion I know I had! If you have any questions about the food sensitives lab test, or just want more egg puns to crack you (see what I did there) shoot me a message anytime! I'm here to help!

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