10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travels

Let's be honest, traveling during the holidays is hard and even harder to make healthy. Here are the top 10 ways I stay healthy while traveling!
1. Be prepared: stitch in time saves nine
-plan ahead! 
2. Stay hydrated
-refillable water bottle is a must
-even better if you get one with a water filter!
-if most hotel gyms have bottled water coolers
3. Get in your protein
-protein shakes packs are the perfect meal
-light, easy to pack with and perfect for the plane
-much cheaper and healthier than most airport or gas station options
-I use a vegan option with my multivitamin already in it: https://equi.life/products/daily-nutritional-support-shake?irad=909129&irmp=2525971
4. Snack smart
-protein bars are perfect for long car rides
-quick, easy and filling!
5. Don’t skip your workouts
-bands are the easiest piece of workout equipment to pack
-light weight and versatile!
6. Don’t forget your vitamins
-most important is a functional medicine multivitamin 
-vitamin D3, C, and zinc for the immune system 
7. Melatonin to help you sleep
-it’s hard to sleep anywhere but hope so melatonin is a huge help to ease you into those zzzz’s
8. Hit the grocery when your get there
-many health food stores have a great salad/hot foods bar
-grab some organic fruits and veggies to go!
9. YouTube workout video
-search hotel room workouts on YouTube for body weight exercises
-my YouTube channel has a bunch! (Search Brea Sharron)
10. Have fun
-relax and enjoying your travels also does wonders for your stress levels and overall health
What are some other ways you stay healthy during the holidays and/or traveling?

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