COVID-19: What We Can Do Now

In world of so much that we can't do during the Corona Virus pandemic, let start by focusing on the positive of what we CAN during this difficult time. Most of this goes without saying but let's talk basics first:
1. Of course first and foremost: wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol), especially after using the restroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
2. Avoid close contact with anyone experiencing symptoms (this also includes avoiding contact with anyone with a compromised immune system, elderly and young children)
3. Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects at least daily ( tables, countertops, light switches, door knobs, drawer/cabinet knobs/pulls, phones, remotes) as well as wash clothing daily (especially after going out into public places)
4. Limit exposure to public places

Going above and beyond to boost your immune system:

5. Take functional medicine multivitamin daily (methylated versions for best absorption) (here’s the one I use

6. Take extra immune boosting supplements:
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin D3: 35IUs per day per pound of bodyweight
​- Zinc
7. Avoid refined sugars, artificial sweeteners (Sucralose, aspartame, nutra sweet, Splenda and dyes (red dye, yellow die etc) as well as limit processed foods whenever possible (unless "survival" processed foods are all that is available)
8. Make sure to get your 7-9 servings of fruit and vegetables daily (I use a fruit and vegetable powder to help )
9. Take a daily probiotic (unless you have candida/bacterial yeast overgrowth)
(I use this one: )

Be prepared with: (but be a good neighbor and leave some for others!)

10. House hold essentials- toilet paper, hand towels (better than paper towels), cleaning products (ideally all natural) hand soap
11. Brown rice, Black beans, oats, olive oil, sea salt
12. Water filter (Berkey water filter filters out the most toxins) or bottled waters

If symptoms arise

13. Seek medical care
14. Personally If I experience symptoms I supplement with: Oregano Oil, Licorice Root, Echinacea, Manuka Honey

Be a good neighbor

15. Avoid large crowds
16. Check up on those with compromised immune systems, elderly and those with young children
17. Save resources for others and share resources when you can!


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