Fitness for Health's Sake

New year, new you; new years resolutions; most resolutions are broken by February; and here we are. We’ve all heard the same thing every single January but why should you actually stick to your goal’s of “getting healthy, looking better, and feeling better” this time around? 
Exercise releases positive endorphins, and positive endorphins make you feel better about yourself as well as increases energy.
Exercise itself increases energy, stamina as well as mental alertness.
Exercise makes you want to eat better in order to “perform” better, which in turn increases your overall health.
Exercise, whether it is indoors at a local gym/group classes, or outdoors at a park/ trail is a great way to engage with new people with positive life goals.
Exercise has been proven time and time again to decrease and even alleviate depression, anxiety, stress, negative self-esteem and cognitive function.
Exercise is a great way to improve self-esteem through setting and beating personal goals.
Exercise improves sleep quality; better sleep reduces anxiety, depression and the effects of stress.
Exercise causes weight loss and muscle gain, which leads to more positive self-esteem.
Exercise improves focus and motivation.
Exercise has anti aging benefits as well, not only does it improve almost every tissue in your body it increases oxygen and blood flow to
So this all sounds great right but where should you start? The answer is anywhere! If you’ve never exercised before, it’s been a few years or if have been cleared by your doctor to start back exercising after an illness or injury, start by taking a walk outside. Anything is better than nothing, don’t forget you’re still lapping everyone on the couch! After you’ve mastered a nice walk in the neighborhood, step it up to a brisk stroll in the park! Once you’ve got that down pat I highly recommend weight training, to increase your positive results even better and even faster! If you have never tried weights before be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regiment, and then enlist the help of a personal trainer to at least get your started to teach proper form and help prevent injury! Another great benefit of a personal trainer, whether you are a beginner, rehabbing an injury, or a seasoned pro, is accountability to make sure you reach your goals, and the variety in exercises  they provide to keep things interesting as well as challenging as you progress. Another few great tips to help you get started and make exercise even more positive are to enlist the help of a friend to exercise with you to make things more fun and to keep you accountable (along with your personal trainer, the more the better). Also don’t forget to increase your water to at least 64oz a day, eat as many green veggies as possible, and stay away from all artificial sweetener and refined sugars!


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