Good Gut Biome

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2022

I recently had a friend asking about Microbiome and thought I’d go ahead and try to help clear up some confusion!
Our gut is our second brain and is hugely triggered by stress (physical, emotional, environmental etc.) when our bodies are stressed by toxins such as antibiotics, chlorine in our tap water, chemicals in our air etc. our “good bacteria” in our gut is killed off. This good bacteria is what is helping to digest your food so if your microbiome is off you could have symptoms of gas, bloating, constipation, loose stool, and I.B.S.
Due to poor absorption your body doesn’t get vitamins and minerals it needs to regulate its systems which can eventually lead to acne, eczema, brain fog and even anxiety and depression!
As long as you don’t have a candida/yeast overgrowth a good full strain probiotic will help regulate your gut’s flora (microbiome)! If you wonder if you have bacteria or yeast overgrowth I would highly recommend running an organic acid test or a Functional Medicine Candida Bacteria Overgrowth Protocol (I can help with both of those!) Don't guess lab test!

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