Brea Sharron

Integrative Health Practitioner
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What People Are Saying:

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Jan Kellogg

"Brea is a refreshing, encouraging coach. Her knowledge and genuine concern over each client to help us
meet our goals is motivating. Her classes are fun and can be challenging. Never fear, if you are struggling, she is watching and will make personal adjustments to help you move from where you are at toward your own goals. After working with Brea I feel stronger, healthier and better equipped to greet each new day."

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Krista LoPresti

"Before working with Brea I had a steady workout routine and healthy diet. My body had reached its max results and I was pretty content. (Or so I thought) After just 3 weeks of working with Brea, my body was in the best shape it had been in years. I realized she had the missing pieces in my health puzzle that my body needed to reach its full potential. The results were undeniable and I’ve been hooked ever since! Her passion for health is contagious and I highly recommend others to invest in their health with Brea."

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Noel Hill

"I worked out with Brea for several weeks to strengthen my body for a more regular running regimen. She is not only easy to interact with she is incredibly talented at what she does and knew exactly how to prepare me to meet my goals. I plan on regularly working with her to continue my strengthening and improve my overall health and lifestyle. When we train together I honestly feel like I'm hanging out with a friend, and not working out which often can feel like "work". I would highly recommend her services!"

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